Do you live, work, play, own land or do business in Pompano Beach? If so, the City of Pompano Beach needs your input to help prepare PlanItPompano!, the latest update of our Comprehensive Plan. Throughout approximately the next year or so, the City, with its consultant team led by Calvin, Giordano & Associates, will be working to bring the plan’s eight elements up to date, and will offer several opportunities, and multiple ways, for you to participate in this process. Why should you do so? This website has all the information you need to decide.

Due to the Corona Virus containment protocol, there will be no public hearings until after April 1st.  The dates for public hearings to resume will be reconsidered on April 1, 2020 and further notification will be provided. All are encouraged to follow the City’s website for updated information on all Corona Virus related postponements and closures.