October 24th, 2019 PlanItPompano! Workshop.

You are awesome, Pompano Beach Residents!

Thanks to all who participated in the October 24th, 2019 PlanItPompano! workshop. It is inspiring to experience your interest and enthusiasm to discuss the future of Pompano Beach in such constructive ways! Our gratitude also goes to City staff who attended the workshop, and to our teammates from Dickey Consulting Services who provided facilitation and transcribing for the small group dialogues.

Stay tuned for an upcoming summary of the work input. In the meantime, please check the Documents tab on the project site to get a second look at CGA’s workshop presentation, and to review the three draft PlanItPompano! elements that have been completed. If you have questions or comments, they must be submitted using the form found under the “Provide Feedback” tab.