Meet the PlanItPompano! Team

Many people are contributing to PlanIt Pompano! First and foremost, residents, through their attendance and valuable input provided at the public meetings, as well as comments and questions (keep them coming!) submitted via our online form.

We also have an enthusiastic team working on the preparation of the Comprehensive Plan Update:

The consultant team includes senior professionals from Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. who specialize in long-range planning, public outreach, climate change and resilience, and transportation, among other disciplines. It also includes facilitation and public relations support from Dickey Consulting Services.

Today, though, we particularly recognize the staff from the City’s Planning and Zoning Department who have put a lot of effort into making the planning process a success. They care a lot about the community, and they are a fun group to work with! Special kudos go to Principal Planner Jean Dolan, who manages the project on the City’s side as a counterpart for the consultant team.