What is this about? What is a comprehensive plan?

The Comp Plan, as it is often referred to, is a long-range policy document that State statutes require Pompano Beach (as it does all other Florida local governments) to maintain. But the Pompano Beach Comprehensive Plan is much more than that: The plan contains goals, objectives, and policies designed to ensure the orderly and balanced economic, social, physical, environmental and fiscal development of our City. The plan is the blueprint for the future development of our community.

Florida statutes require that the Comp Plan be updated periodically. The City has hired Calvin, Giordano & Associates to help us collect the necessary information, prepare the updated document and shepherd it through the required state and other agency reviews. We anticipate the process taking approximately a year and a half.

Why does the Comp Plan have to be updated?

The Comp Plan may be a long-range document, but it is also dynamic, evolving as community conditions, aspirations, opportunities and challenges change over time. And since the current plan was adopted back in 2010, a lot has changed in our City. For this reason, updating the plan as we head into the next decade makes common sense. Florida statutes also recognize the wisdom of updating local comprehensive plan on a regular basis. 

What does this have to do with me? Why should I care?

So many important changes have happened in our community in the past decade, which the Comp Plan will need to address! Here are just two examples of how such changes relate to you:

  • SUSTAINABILITY AND SEA LEVEL RISE: Do you have a seawall?  Do you live in a flood plain?  Will your property be affected by rising seas that can back up into the drainage system and bubble up through catch basins in the street? Will salt water intrusion affect our drinking water supply? How should the City be adapting to these threats as we prepare for 2-feet of sea level rise by 2060?   
  • HOUSING SUPPLY AND DEMAND In the past 3-years (2016-18), 993 new residential units, mostly townhomes and apartment buildings, have been completed in projects including Captiva Cove, Orchid Grove, Madison Place, Koi, Crystal Lake and Atlantico. The Comp Plan update will explore the additional residential opportunities needed to serve our future population. Where should our population growth (projected at approximately an addition of 135,000 people by 2040) be directed given the imminent flooding threats from sea level rise? How will the new housing, work places and city infrastructure be made more resilient to hurricanes and flooding? And what about our existing housing stock?  How do we encourage retrofitting older homes and protect and sustain existing neighborhoods?

There are many other such changes, related to transportation, infrastructure, and services. Further, there are many ways in which the Comp Plan exerts an influence on the City’s character and quality of life. These are the reasons why it is important that we hear from you, as a stakeholder in the future of the community:

1. Florida statutes require that all proposed development must be consistent with the Comp Plan. Therefore, PlanItPompano! will be used by City staff and by various appointed advisory committees and boards (such as the Planning & Zoning Board) to make recommendations regarding development proposals; and by the City Commission to make decisions based on those recommendations.

2. The plan likely will also be studied by developers and their agents, and therefore should reflect a consensus vision of the community; and it may be consulted by you, as well, whether acting as a property or business owner, or perhaps as a community advocate.

3. The Comp Plan is implemented primarily through the Zoning Code and other ordinances, which translate the plan’s broad policies into the real-world standards and regulations that all development in the City must follow, so the City needs to “get it right.”

4. The overarching goals, objectives and policies of the Comp Plan can be leveraged by the City when going after certain kinds of grant funding, so priorities need to come through in the planning process.

5. The Comp Plan informs the preparation of short- and mid-range plans such as the Parks Master Plan, the Stormwater Master Plan and many more. Therefore, PlanItPompano! could result in recommendations for new corridor, neighborhood, or other types of master plans and studies.

Ok, you convinced me! How do I get involved?

Here are some ways to participate and make your voice heard:

  • Register your email address in the subscribe widget to receive notifications and review published project information
  • Provide feedback via the online comment form.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are using the hashtag #PlanItPompano for all update-related posts, and you should too!
  • We will hold two citywide Workshops throughout the process. The first one is scheduled for June 29, 2019 at the E. Pat Larkins Community Center from 10 am to noon. Check out the Updates page for more details. The second community workshop is anticipated for October (details TBD).
  • If you have to miss a workshop, take an online survey to provide your input. Once you register on the project website, you’ll be e-notified when an online survey goes live.
  • Or, take a paper survey. We will have paper versions our surveys available at key public locations (to be announced) concurrent with any online survey.
  • Look for PlanItPompano! team members at community events! As the process moves forward, we will be announcing community events where our staff or consultants will be available to provide information, answer questions or receive input.